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What is financial wellness?


Financial wellness is having a good state of mind about the ability to manage finances, financial responsibilities, and future financial status. 

Financial wellness is directly related to physical wellness. Those with poor financial wellness often experience money stresses that can affect many other parts of their life.

Audit, automate and embed the golden rules of money into your life

With our 3 step financial wellness program that simplifies your money forever

The Start Point Audit

All growth and development begins with an audit. I'll personally sit with you and objectively explore your start point (over a casual coffee, like mates).

The Mindset Upgrade

Reviewing and upgrading your financial beliefs will empower you to start fresh and remove old baggage from the past, enabling a true financial transformation.

Automating The Future

With an updated status report and a powerful mindset upgrade, we custom design an automated smart system to do the work for you.

You no longer need to feel confused, isolated, anxious or stressed about your money


By implementing this financial wellness program, you can skip having to read hundreds of books or attempt countless online courses.

I make it easy with an easy, 42 day, 3 step financial wellness program that has been proven to work and grow with you as your life develops.

How we've helped others

Dr Kaushik Ram, Bondi Beach

"After having a session with Stacy and having a hard look at where my money was going, I finally organised my bank accounts and since then I've been able to save a lot more money than I could have imagined before!"

Lahaina Daudt, Coogee

"This system made a huge difference to my mindset, bank account, savings account and I can't stress how important this has been for me! You have to start now, no matter where you're currently at."

Michele Davies, Bondi Beach

"Total game changer! I've gone from having lot's of money all over the place (which I used to think was a good thing) to now having my money so organised that I never have to think about it - and it's growing soooo much faster now that I'm totally in charge! Boom!"