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Since the goal is to get you fast tracked to mastering your personal finances, every moment spent on the sidelines is another day spent:

😢  |  In stress and anxiety about the future

😢  |  Wasting your mental capacity on something that can be fixed in a matter of hours

😢  |  Feeling stuck in your current lifestyle because you don’t have the clarity to make significant changes without risking it all

😢  |  And it’s another day of you sitting on the sidelines as incredible investment opportunities are being snapped up all around you by those with the capital you deserve to have!

Get The FIX

ONLY $3 p/mth

Express Cash Flow Repair Course - FIX Your Money Fast

Wondering where all your money goes every week? Sick of feeling confused and anxious about bills and paying debts? This EXPRESS Money Mastery Course will FIX that in less than 30 minutes!

What you get:

  • Take control of your cash flow and reduce losses instantly
  • Calculate and track your total net worth for the rest of your life
  • Track and manage small business profit and loss

  • Discover your financial freedom target

  • Budgeting and financial goal setting for the future
  • You'll learn the top 10 mistakes people make (so you can avoid making them yourself)

  • 90 days access so you can review as necessary
  • PRO tips to help you save more and win faster

ONLY $3 per month + a $5 set up fee. You can cancel whenever you like and keep everything forever!

SIGN UP - ONLY $3 p/mth

Smart Banking System

ONLY $97

Permanently Reduce Financial Anxiety With An Automated System

Are you one of those people who love to save but lack the discipline to stick to your plan? Would you love to learn a revolutionary solution that lets you effortlessly exceed your goals in record time? This unique 3 part smart system will upgrade your money forever!

What you get:

  • A whole new perspective on your personal cash flow, small business and net worth with The FIX Advanced worksheet
    VALUE $97
  • Detailed step-by-step instructions on how to build a life changing smart banking system without any new tech or costs
    VALUE $247
  • Break your bad old habits and save more faster, with the latest in money psychology automated into your new financial life
    VALUE $97
  • This smart system and associated worksheet will be yours to use over and over forever
    VALUE $ Priceless
  • Come back for 90 days and review the course once your Smart Banking System has been up and running for a couple of months
  • We will follow up with you for 4 week after you complete the training to make sure you are Mastering Your Money!

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100% money back satisfaction guaranteed

 All up that's a total value of $441


Personalised 1:1 Coaching

ONLY $997

42 Day Financial Wellness Program - 1:1 Ongoing Consultation

This revolutionary 3 step financial wellness program has a a 100% success rate and has no cost to use or maintain.

One payment. A permanent solution.

What you get:

  • My 12 years of money mastery wisdom having designed and built this system for hundreds of others
    VALUE $997
  • A full cash flow audit working with me directly either in person or on Zoom
    VALUE $497
  • A precise assessment of your current assets and debs exposing your true net worth
    VALUE $97
  • A fully custom designed and automated smart banking system - using over 10 different bank accounts to segment and streamline your entire financial life down to the dollar
    VALUE $1,497
  • A money blueprint and beliefs assessment that we hack and upgrade using a revolutionary method hat teaches while you save
    VALUE $ 247
  • 42 days of coaching and accountability with regular calls and zoom sessions
    VALUE $247
  • PLUS access to the 2 other online courses on this page
    VALUE $214
  • Affiliate sales commission opportunity with $100 per friend or family member that you help win too
    VALUE $100 +++


Become an affiliate and make money by helping your friends Master Their Money too!

100% money back satisfaction guaranteed

 All up that's a total value of $3,896  (and that's not counting all the epic bonuses!)


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