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Discover a life-changing approach to personal finance with Stacy N Henderson

In this one-hour live session, you'll learn how to build your own customised financial management system using a free spreadsheet and a free automated set of bank accounts.


It never gets easier, it just gets later

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What you'll get at this Live Workshop


Insights into why you don't take the action you know you want to.


I'll show you how I audit my paying clients so you can do it yourself for free.


I'll show you exactly what strategies I develop and implement for my clients.


Practical skills to manage and improve your financial life for long-term success.


You'll get the kick in the butt and reality check you've been looking for.

This Live Workshop is perfect for:

🚀  |  Ambitious people who are ready to take action and win the money game

💪   People currently upgrading their life and have selected personal finance as one of the high impact areas to work on

💼   Small business owners who are sick of their financial management holding them back


   It's not for people seeking financial or investment advice or looking for get rich quick ideas

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What Others Are Saying

Lahaina Daudt, Coogee

"This system made a huge difference to my mindset, bank account, savings account and I can't stress how important this has been for me! You have to start now, no matter where you're currently at."


It's FREE and spots are limited!


Alexi and Natha, Sydney

"I set up my banking system and I'm now able to control my spending better. I'm now able to spend my money on the things that matter to me in the long run and resist the temptations of things that don't - which means I can invest much better for my future!"


It's FREE and spots are limited!


Dr Kaushik Ram, Bondi Beach

"After doing this program with Stacy and having a hard look at where my money was going, I finally mastered my money and since then I've been able to save a lot more than I could have imagined before!"


It's FREE and spots are limited!


What strategies do I use?

Money management is an art form. It's packed with psychology, limiting beliefs and emotional triggers. I use automation and data to override the monkey brain so you win with ease.

Take Basic Action Now

Investing 101 is a lot easier than you currently think. Stop thinking your first investments have to hit the jackpot and get in the game today.

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Financial Goals Matter

Without well defined financial goals you'll just keep buying junk you don't need. Powerful goals kill emotional spending fast.

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Proven Classical Investing

I've watched too many great people get burned from speculating on get-rich-quick schemes. Billionaires love boring investing.

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Meet Stacy N Henderson.

I'm a high performance transformational coach with a specialty in personal finances.


If you're looking for rapid growth in your life and have identified that your money is holding you back, then you're in the right place.

Ready To Master Your Money?

Hosted by Stacy N Henderson:
High performance transformational coach who specialises in personal finances.








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