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Life Design Workshop

Get Clarity And Direction For Your Life In 2024


Now in it's 8th year, this transformational workshop will take you from where you are today to where you really want to be in 12 months!

Using mind maps, time lines, project models and a range of powerful sharing processes, this workshop causes rapid positive change every time!

Launch A Project 

Perfect if you have a great idea that needs some serious pen to paper and brainstorming.

Design A Business

Draft a business plan and get down to the critical what, where, who, when and why.

Restart Your Life

Looking to totally start over and redesign your entire life? We've got exactly what you need!

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Money Well Masterclass

Winning The Psychology Of Personal Finances

Fix your spending habits. See inside my 27 NAB accounts. Watch me buy shares and crypto!

In this fun and interactive workshop, I log into my NAB account live on the big screen and show you exactly what I've been doing to be financially free since 2013.

FIX Spending Habits 

The core of this event is YOU completing the personal finances audit to transform your financial life forever.

Money Apps And Hacks

You'll discover all the apps, automation and strategies that I usually reserve for my 42 day private clients

Investing For Beginners

End the mystery of investing! Watch as I buy shares, property and crypto live on the big screen for all to see.

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Win With Workshops

Grow Your Profile And Business FAST!


If you're a coach, creative or white collar professional, running a workshop on your special thing will give you credibility, content, testimonials, sales and incredible insights into your target market.

This is a workshop on running workshops. Learn how to convert your special thing to an educational framework that scales fast.

Online Course Creation 

Dig into your target markets wants and needs by running small paid workshops as focus groups

Create Valuable Content

Running a workshop gives you photos, videos and testimonials for your website, marketing and social content

Professional Positioning

Facilitating a workshop positions you as an expert instantly. Get paid to sell and help at the same time

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Entrepreneurs Anonymous

You Don't Need To Struggle Alone Anymore


Sleepless nights. Countless to-do's. 100% dedication, passion and commitment. Pitiful sales.

The solo entrepreneur life can be exhausting. But when giving up isn't an option, what do you do? Curl up and cry? Again

No sales. Just stories. 

Sales and promotion are banned here. Don't come to show off. Come to hear and be heard.

Sit In A Circle

No lessons. No gurus. No heros. Just vulnerable sharing and empathy, in a traditional sacred circle.

Likeminded Friends

Other members are where you were, where you are, and where you want to be. Come say hi 👋

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Bondi Mens Breakfast

Start Your Weekend In Style With Real Men


Now in it's 8th year, the Bondi Mens Breakfast is your place to meet like minded, high calibre locals, without the hangover and awkward business card moments.

This is an 8-12 person, curated round table mastermind club with long term members.

Excellent Breakfasts

Enjoy great coffee, great food and great company on your Saturday morning followed by local markets.

Share Wins And Losses

A mastermind group requires authenticity and accountability. You will be visible and supported.

Brainstorm Your Goals

Nothings more powerful than a high calibre accountability group that knows your goals and keeps you focused.

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Crypto For Beginners

The Smart And Safe Way To Get Started In Crypto


Originally a 1:1 private zoom session for my friends during the 2021 bull market, this workshop will set you up with a simple and sustainable crypto investing strategy.

No investment advice. No sales. No '1 time opportunities'. Just the critical must knows, tools and basics from my 7 years of experience.

Scams, FUD & FOMO 

Most people get sucked into something stupid in their first year. Save yourself the pain and losses.

Safety And Compliance

I explain tax, records, security, more security, storage, patterns, common terms and the latest apps.

Buy, Sell, Trade, Win

Don't be a hero. Let me show you how to DCA into a simple and smart portfolio like the gurus do.

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What Others Are Saying

Such a wonderful, warm experience! Stacy was so genuine and real about everything. You could tell his intention was pure...

Posted by Eli Celestial on Friday, 7 June 2019

I just finished the Life Design workshop! Was amazing, I gained so much clarity about my life & my business! I highly recommand!

Posted by Manon Agn on Friday, 19 April 2019

I really appreciate the clear and simply formula to gaining clarity with your talents, experiences and passions. Looking forward to going further with POVAR and creating an online platform for my passions.

Posted by Persia Juliet on Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Thanks Stacy for preparing such a great day! I left with the focus and energy I was after and with the tools I need to maintain this energy and focus to make things happen and create the life I want.

Posted by Gillian Seeley on Sunday, 18 February 2018

I did the life design workshop twice in the interval of 2years and it helped me to redefine and refresh my vision and...

Posted by Fran Zi on Saturday, 17 February 2018

Stacy is authentic, so passionate and gets right to the core. His energy is addictive and has a wealth of knowledge, connections and resources. An absolute legend who I would highly recommend

Posted by Rae Pooley on Tuesday, 11 April 2017

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